Get into a new vehicle every 2-3 years with lower monthly payments & vehicle warranty.

Smaller down payment
 Drive new more often
 Vehicle Warranty
 Lower Monthly Payments
 Peace of mind

The car is yours, rack up as many miles as you want.

No mileage limit
Customize your vehicle
Vehicle becomes an asset
Higher up-front costs
Costs less than leasing overall, over time

Simple, quick return process offered by Gusto Auto

We will pick up your old car on new car delivery
No more dreading the painful return process

Protect your tires & wheels against road hazards

Road hazard protection
Coverage with no deductible
Cosmetic alloy wheel repair

Wear and tear on your leased vehicle can cost you thousands. Buy a Damage waiver package to cover exterior, interior, under the roof, headlamps & much more.

Scratches, chips, pits or cracks
Paint damage
Interior electronics
Bumpers & glass
Tail, turn signal & broken light lenses
Much more…
Covers up to $5,000 of damages!

Gusto Auto is not only a premier but also a licensed broker offering leasing, financing & sales for new cars. Servicing clients in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and the Pennsylvania areas. At Gusto Auto, we patiently shop through various networks and dealerships to find you the right model & color you are looking for. It does not matter what car trim, color or term you’re looking for, we’ll find you the right car your looking for at the best price.